Under the Mask

Funny new vlog about funny friends, beards, bass playing and upbeat looking ahead. Had great fun editing this with Adobe Premiere Pro. Spent about 20 glorious hours with PP. I’m always learning new tricks every time I work with it.

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Video Vlog

Rude comments and lovely postman. Aw, what a joy it is to get a knock at the door and be greeted by my lovely beaming smiled postman Simon. Was so happy to get a bit of him into my video vlog I made a few months ago in more innocent times.

I got a great comment on another video that I responded to in this video. It’s funny that now I am kind of hoping for horrible comments so I can use them for laughs.

Missing the Magic

My magic career was going great before the lock-down. It’s a funny time to be a magician/entertainer. Should I work on new magic and writing for my shows? Or will what I work on now go stale before parties start up again? For now I am working more on getting very fit and doing my comedy YouTube videos. I can’t wait to get out there and have fun and play with a room full of fun loving families.

Bought Some Gymnastic Rings

WOW! I love them. Amazing to be outdoors working out in this recent glorious weather in UK but for those of you who like to do strong workouts you’ll know that the floor is a bit tricky to do pulling workouts so I bought some gymanstic rings and made a funny video about them.

New YouTube videos every Wednesday

I had seen guys putting up rings in parks before and always they were ostentatious freaks which yes is rich coming from me who hangs about in parks putting my legs behind my head, twisting balloons and whatever else bat crazy pursuit I am digging this week.

I love the rings! They are hitting so many muscles I have never felt before. I have done three workouts on them so far and I am getting good sets in. Dips are something I can do quite a lot of on chairs, bars, etc but on the rings….WOWZA! I managed 3 sets of 1 rep of dips on the rings today. It’s a killer but beautifully so. Can’t wait to get back on them in a few days.

Keep Smiling (Music Video)

Keep smiling Ritchie! ““Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, and sometimes your smile is the source of your joy.” Thich Nhat Hanh

I really had to take this attitude throughout this grim time. I was blessed to have a lovely wife with the same outlook. I also cleaned up my diet and started working out near daily. And we were so lucky to have great weather in London in April. How was it where you were?