Party Packages

Multiple 30 minute shows, a 50 munute, 2 hour birthday party package and walkaround magic for bigger events.

2 Hour Birthday Party Package

Fun-filled two-hour birthday party package (halls only); with a great sound system, party music, dancing, bubble machine, games, balloon modelling show, and a fantastic funny magic show. The two-hour package is great for 4-7-year-olds. If the party is taking place at home, the 50 minute magic show is best. 

Fun fun fun!

2 Hour Party format (example time as starting at 11)

Ritchie arrives 30-45 minutes early to set up. 

11:00:  Party music, welcome guests,  close up magic, joking with little ones,  bubble machine

11:15: Sit down fun-filled family magic show, and dancing part at the end.  Non-stop fun and laughter; magic routines, music, comedy, dancing and lots of young volunteers selected to help.

12:00: Children break for party food.

There can never be too many polka dots!

12:15:  Bring out the birthday cake and we all sing happy birthday (I have nice music for this). Let me know when you are about to bring it out. Then give me another shout when you are actually bringing it out with candles lit  Best to bring the cake out while most children are still sitting down. Once they start all running around it’s almost impossible to bring them back to sing. 

12:25/12.30 Musical statues, non elimination funny games including musical statues, papers on the head and Ritchie’s famous shark game 🦈. 

Last part of magic show and party music in the last 5 minutes to the end of the party.

Alfie was a brilliant volunteer in the Ritchie Rosson magic show in summer 2019

50 Minute Funny Magic Show

Music and close up magic on arrival then 50 minute sit down magic show with non-stop fun and laughter; magic routines, music, comedy, dancing and lots of young volunteers selected to help. Great for family parties. Brilliant for 3-10-year-olds and the whole family. The grown-ups will love the show too! 

Exeter shopping and dining June 2018
“Hands up who wants to be my volunteer!” (Guildhall Shopping, Exeter, 2018)


Ritchie offers walk around magical entertainment with funny magic for children and families. Good for bigger events and family parties where a show is not appropriate. Ritchie offers 40 minute spots with breaks.

Wowza! Close-Up Magic 2019
See Ritchie in action here. Show your son/daughter the video too! : )

Ritchie has lovely happy birthday music 

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Nursery/Pre-School Magic Shows – 30 mins

Ritchie’s shows aimed at 2-4-year-olds. Big laughs, lots of cute, colourful magic, dancing  and loads of silly fun!

Primary School Magic Shows – 30/45 mins

Ritchie offers shows for infants and juniors. The more the merrier! Ritchie regularly performs for large groups of children. Up to 200 is fine.

Happy crowd in summer 2019
Ritchie wrestles to get his balloon back
Ritchie losing a battle of strength!


To confirm a booking for a birthday party, Ritchie asks for full payment via BACS transfer.  Call/text/email to check availability/prices/make a booking or if you have any questions. On booking, Ritchie will send a detailed list of tips to make the party run smoothly.  After getting a price and availability,  confirm that you want to make a booking ASAP as new bookings come in every day and the spot you wanted may be gone! 

For Prices & Availability:

Contact Ritchie Now!