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2020 Showreel
Magic Shows Showreel 2018
Crazy bar flairing lesson from the juggling extrordinaire and magician from the telly Brendan Rodrigues
What’s in a magician’s magic case? Ritchie shows all! Funny video.
Upside down house – Funny times in Brighton 2020
I’m losing my hair! Funny video about my grass head and me
Funny chat with magician Brendan Rodrigues (July 2020)
Green screen! My fun new toy. I made a funny video about it.
Resistance Bands! They are fun to keep fit with. (July 2020)
My magical guru Michael Wo! Go and see him in Camden Town!
Journey to London! To see my great magical friend Michael Wo
Giving up the news! Funny magical vlog (June 2020)
2020 Sucks! Funny Vlog – Dogs, Bass Playing, Comedy. 
Popcorn, Hammers….funny vlog June 2020
Under The Mask – Funny Magician’s Vlog May 2020
Magical Friends & CATS (Magician’s Funny Vlog) May 2020
Magician Buys Gymnastic Rings (Funny Vlog) May 2020
Lock-Down Make Up May 2020
Keep Smiling! Music Video April 2020
Little Funny Vlog Featuring My Lovely Postman Sep 2019
Ritchie Rosson is a bass player and loves funk music like Stevie Wonder’s Sir Duke. What a classic!
Ritchie worked as a contortionist for 10 years and was on lots of TV shows
Ritchie loves Nick Abbot on LBC

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