Ritchie’s Equipment

A lot of people ask me about the stuff/gadgets/tricks I use in my magic shows, in the my YouTube video work, in my fitness and in my bass playing.

Camera Gear I use

Elgato Green Screen

Canon EOS80D Camera

Sim Card – Never Forget This! 

My headphones – for editing of course! 

Awesome Bendy vlogging tripod

Shotgun mic 

Shotgun on camera mic 

Wirelss Mic 

Awersome remote controlled LED key light – get 2 if possible but 1 is still awesome

Light stands (Cheap!)

Magic Show Gear I Use

Bose L1 Sound system – great quality; set ups/packs up so quickly. 

Tray Stand – great to put magic case on

Funny Magic Show Promo Video 2021

Magic Tricks

Shrinking Head Illusion

Sponge Balls – so many tricks to do with them! 

Sponge Ball Magic DVD

Vanishing Cane

Balloon Pump

Balloon Modelling Balloons

Pop Off Wand – very funny for young kids

Kiss Face mask  – big laughs! 

Funny big teeth mask 

Funny Nails Glasses

Funny Happy Birthday Glasses

Bubble Machine

Donald Trump doll

Shark Grabber

Bass Guitar Gear 

Brilliant wireless bass system

Fender Jazz Bass – amazing basses! Don’t have one yet but next bass. 

Amazing amp 

Awesome gorgeous DR multi colour strings

Awesome gorgeous DR neon blue strings

Ritchie’s Fitness Gear 

Resistance Bands – buy the thicker ones. Way better quality 

Gymanstic rings

Door chin up bar

Free standing chin up bar. One day, I will buy this beast! 

Ritchie is based in Sutton; South London

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