Finding The Cheapest Entertainer?

I think this is a good rule for any service, but going for the cheapest children’s entertainer especially is not the best idea when a 4th/5th birthday party is such a special day.  Whoever you book, read their online reviews and look at their website and videos. Are they professional? Do they entertain full time? Do they have a high-quality sound system that won’t be driving everyone mad with feedback noises? Will the children have a great time? Will they laugh and be comfortable in the company of this person? Are they experienced in the range of children’s parties that take place? I did one show last Saturday for 6 children of 4 and 5-year-olds and 40 adults but on Sunday, I did a party for 15 x 5-year-olds and 10 x 8-year-olds. It took a lot of experience to gauge the magic routines, jokes and the rhythm of the show for those different groups. This is something that only comes from performing at hundreds of shows.

The worst thing of all about cheap entertainers is that they might call and cancel a few days before because a carnival offered them twice the money to do 5 hours there or worst of all, the nightmare scenario of the entertainer not turning up at all!  Suddenly you have a very disappointed birthday child and 30 little ones running around screaming and driving the parents to despair.

Book a brilliant children’s entertainer, not a cheap one. If budget is a worry, cut corners on having simple (or no) party bags, finding a cheap village hall, have the party at home (if it’s up to 15 children) or have a joint birthday party with another family to split the cost.

Avoid entertainers from cheap party companies as you usually won’t know who the entertainer is that you are booking and a lot of their entertainers are very inexperienced and trained within a few hours.

You will probably only have such a party once or twice. With a brilliant entertainer and fantastic magic show, they will have an unforgettable day, you will get great photos and all the other parents will be wondering how you organised such a brilliant party.

Children laughing and having a great time at Ritchie Rosson's magic show 2018

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Ritchie Rosson is a children’s entertainer & magician based in Sutton, London UK.

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