Hiring a Mascot For A Birthday Party

Young Harry loves Spiderman. So why not hire “Spiderman” to come to his birthday party? Mascots are mostly a real disappointment to those who hire them. Firstly, most of them are illegally hiring themselves out in copyrighted costumes.

Secondly, it can often be a disappointment to meet the character you love from the amazing films especially for ages 6+; “why can’t he fly/climb the wall/fire webs/jump 100 feet?” Kids are not stupid. It can also for a little one be frightening to have a 6 foot tall Captain America suddenly in front of him out of the safety of the TV screen.

If you do hire a mascot character, book them to do a short 15-minute meet and greet, take photos and then bid them goodbye. That will make the experience more magical. A lot of cheap entertainment companies will offer for example “a Spiderman entertainer”. This will usually mean an out of work actor turning up in a fancy dress costume.  The initial “It’s Spiderman!” excitement will wear off in 5 minutes and then the party is run by someone sweating profusely in a rubbish outfit.

Better is to hire a top rated entertainer who has his or her own unique style. This will be something new to everybody not a third rate version of an incredible Hollywood film.

Check out Ritchie’s Youtube channel here

Ritchie Rosson is a children’s entertainer & magician based in Sutton, London UK.

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