Bought Some Gymnastic Rings

WOW! I love them. Amazing to be outdoors working out in this recent glorious weather in UK but for those of you who like to do strong workouts you’ll know that the floor is a bit tricky to do pulling workouts so I bought some gymanstic rings and made a funny video about them.

Gymnastic rings YouTube video

I had seen guys putting up rings in parks before and always they were ostentatious freaks which yes is rich coming from me who hangs about in parks putting my legs behind my head, twisting balloons and whatever else bat crazy pursuit I am digging this week.

I love the rings! They are hitting so many muscles I have never felt before. I have done three workouts on them so far and I am getting good sets in. Dips are something I can do quite a lot of on chairs, bars, etc but on the rings….WOWZA! I managed 3 sets of 1 rep of dips on the rings today. It’s a killer but beautifully so. Can’t wait to get back on them in a few days.