Mean Comments

It was a little disconcerting when I first got a few mean comments/hate(?) comments on my YouTube videos. But then they really started to make me laugh. I love how people have to state that comedy is “NOT FUNNY!” Because something is not funny to me, that does not make it not funny. That is the wonderful and ghastly truth of comedy; that you can never create a joke that makes everyone laugh.

As I started to get some success on YouTube they really seemed ridiculous and I began to screen shot them to make a video. Shall I make a part 2?

The Great British Bake Off – My Tribute

I had great fun making this one. I had seen bits and pieces of TGBBO with my wife as she loves but I wasn’t really into it but had an idea to do a video about it and I got really into the show. I think the dynamics of it; the music the bright backdrop and the range of characters are brilliantly done. I also think there’s an awkward chemistry between that the cast that is actually really fun. Embrace awkwardness! It’s hilarious.

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President Trump Was in My Flat

Had President Trump over for tea today.

Starting to play with characters in my videos. Not intending to be a great impressionist but fun habing a play with writing jokes and doing some improv. Donald Trump is the king of improv and I think we can all agree is an incredible entertainer.

Upside down fun!

I love fitness and I love fitness gadgets and daft toys. Saw a cheap pair of these on eBay and had to have a go. I nearly gave myself a hernia laughing when editing it today.

Inversion boots – funny YouTube video October 2020

YouTube is my full time job now. If you could subscribe and share that would help me a lot. Thank you! Ritchie

Keep the faith! Keep smiling! 2021 will be much better folks.

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Trump Biden Debate

Total loser! That is what some are saying about my YouTube channel. I had great fun making this today. I got up early to watch the debate and probably like all who watched it, it was a big dissapointment. But there some funny quirks I noticed from the three of them.

Hope you like it! New funny videos every week.

Harry Potter fan art

I received a lovely drawing in the post this week from a super artist named Pol Peiró Navarro from Barcelona. Check him out on Instagram here:

I had a brilliant time acting in the movie Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. I had small speaking part as the Death Eater Avery. I spent 6 great weeks on the set. Sadly my part was taken out as a lot of parts are in such a big movie.

Should I make a longer video with the story? Comment below!

Bar Flairing

When I first met Brendan Rodrigues, I was still putting my legs behind my head for a living as a cabaret contortionist and Brendan was throwing bottles around. He was beginning to get really hot as a magician and over the next year the bar work fizzled away as his diary started bursting full with magic bookings.

Over the lockdown I knew Brendan was in the park practiving his old bar flair juggling skills mainly to keep fit and so I asked if he could give me a masterclass.

It was crazy fun. Check out the video. New funny videos every Wednesday.

We sat down for an interview on the same day.

Check out Brendan’s brilliant YouTube channel. Subscribe. He does great videos every week.

I grew a grass head

Oh, this was great fun! I got one for me and one for a young fan of mine and it was great fun. I think because I have spent so long living in tiny apartments that I get a lot of joy from the small plants I can grow. I think I missed out on half the fun though as I should have made it from scratch with the old tights.

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Resistance bands ARE FUN!

I’ll take any excuse to not go into a stuffy gym full of (mostly) uptight macho bores. But I love to workout and when it’s sunny like it is in the UK all the time (cough) it’s amazing to start the day with a good workout or even a half a*****d one. Hey, you don’t need two hours in the gym! Get your body moving. Do a few press ups, a few squats. Starting is key because it will always lead to more. How awesome to be able to carry a bit of rubber and be able to blast your muscles in the outdoors. I made a fun video about my new set of exercise bands with my awesome friend Rosaria Sativa; check out her dance classes around London known as Swing Out & Shimmy

We had a good play with the bands in the tranquil country side of the town centre park.

Resistance band funny video