Resistance bands ARE FUN!

I’ll take any excuse to not go into a stuffy gym full of (mostly) uptight macho bores. But I love to workout and when it’s sunny like it is in the UK all the time (cough) it’s amazing to start the day with a good workout or even a half a*****d one. Hey, you don’t need two hours in the gym! Get your body moving. Do a few press ups, a few squats. Starting is key because it will always lead to more. How awesome to be able to carry a bit of rubber and be able to blast your muscles in the outdoors. I made a fun video about my new set of exercise bands with my awesome friend Rosaria Sativa; check out her dance classes around London known as Swing Out & Shimmy

We had a good play with the bands in the tranquil country side of the town centre park.

Resistance band funny video