Video Vlog

Rude comments and lovely postman. Aw, what a joy it is to get a knock at the door and be greeted by my lovely beaming smiled postman Simon. Was so happy to get a bit of him into my video vlog I made a few months ago in more innocent times.

I got a great comment on another video that I responded to in this video. It’s funny that now I am kind of hoping for horrible comments so I can use them for laughs.

Ever Hosted a Children’s Birthday Party?

Mum’s and dads, uncles and aubergines. If you have ever organised a children’s party, please can you comment below with your top 2 or 3 tips to make things great? Perhaps something that discovered worked great or something that on the day you wished you had done differently.  I am looking to put together a later blog and an article to help out those organising a little one’s party to make it go super smooth and near to stress-free.

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