Upside Down House

Always a joy to visit Brighton but never seen the upside down house before. Is that new? Some of you will say “hey, let me google that for you!” Yes please.

Amazing day in Brighton. Went really early and had the beach nearly to ourselves. Swam in the lovely near ice cold water and had a great lunch. No, not that seaweed. That was just my apetiser.

Brighton fun! Upside down house

Having a Juggle

Playing should not just be for kids and while I went down there to do some filming, I ended up having great fun playing with Juggling Jake‘s mini-bike, tightrope and walking plant pot thingies. I am doing some magic shows at Swan Shopping Centre in Leatherhead as part of their awesome Magic Mondays events every week in August. I think me and Miranda had more fun there than the kids.

Juggling Jakes does brilliant juggling shows and his workshops are so fun. He had so many fun toys which of course the kids were all over but so were the mums and dads. Really was great family fun. My favourites were the mini bikes. I used to own one and right it quite easily now I can barely get going on it without pulling 12 muscles.

Come down to Leatherhead; Swan Shopping Centre next Monday 20th August and 27th August. Bring the little ones too! Like Swan Shopping’s Facebook page here. They have great shops and cafes and lots of brill events.

Stand-Up Comedy

Woah! I did my first stand up comedy gig last night at the awesome Comedy Virgins at the Cavendish Arms in Stockwell. I had been secretly studying and writing stand-up comedy the last few months to work towards my first 5 minutes on a stage without any balloons, magic tricks or a giggle-ready bunch of 5-year-olds in front of me.

Ritchie's first stand up comedy night.

I didn’t quite have the whole room barking with laughter but then I did get some laughs.  So I think it was a success. It surprised me that the whole room cheered at the mention of “stationary” but that a stoic silence was met with my talk of “a rubber fist”.

They have a random order of comics on the night meaning everytime the compere calls for “a big to cheer to welcome to the stage…..” every act of the night puts down their drink ready to march to the stage. This was nice for me as I was the 43rd act of 45 on the night.

The very funny and lovely man Adrian Tauss was compereing. We briefly danced as I went on stage I seem to remember and as my five minutes ended I tightly hugged Adrian like a fireman who had dug me out of an earthquake rubble.  My plan for next time is to extend the dance section to 4 minutes and drop some of the material I wrote for this set, maybe 38 of the 40 jokes.

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