Parties Starting Soon?!

I know I am a fool! But I am getting quietly optimistic that we could be back at parties soon. I do hope so because it’s how I make a living! Rishi Sunak’s grants for self employed have ticked me along; I’ve ended up earning about 1/3 my usual income in the last year and obviously my diary for the year ahead is empty.

I have been volunteering recently at a vaccination centre in London and just WOW! It’s run brilliantly and the lovely other volunteers I work with make it a pleaure to be standing in a freezing car park directing cars and pointing people to the right path. I’m pretty star struck at the tea making zone to rub shoulders with the awesome NHS staff. What a time it has been for them it has been and how amazing they are.

I do not know what will happen in coming months and have really become numb to the good and bad news, but I need to be ready to go and up for a party because turning up full of enegy with a big smile on my face is what I am paid for. So I am working hard learning new magic tricks, writing jokes and getting fit. And boy has the last year given me material to write about!

For now, it’s not party time, so keep wearing your mask. Follow the guidelines and get a vaccine as soon as you are offered one! I’ve had my first dose and looking forward to the second one.

What do you think? When will you be having parties again?

Oh, PS I made a new showreel video of what I do. It’s pretty crazy and good fun.

Travelling around London is fun

I was going to make a YouTube video about my magician friend and dealer of highly illegal drugs. No, not really. He’s one of the only people in Camden not selling drugs. Michael sells magic tricks!

But my video ended up being too much fun to ignore the lovely journey through gorgeous central London. I took my first trip on a London hire bike. They are ace! Hire one. If you don’t want to ride round advertising that bank; wear a big ridiclous hat and everyone will not see the name on the bike.

Having a Juggle

Playing should not just be for kids and while I went down there to do some filming, I ended up having great fun playing with Juggling Jake‘s mini-bike, tightrope and walking plant pot thingies. I am doing some magic shows at Swan Shopping Centre in Leatherhead as part of their awesome Magic Mondays events every week in August. I think me and Miranda had more fun there than the kids.

Juggling Jakes does brilliant juggling shows and his workshops are so fun. He had so many fun toys which of course the kids were all over but so were the mums and dads. Really was great family fun. My favourites were the mini bikes. I used to own one and right it quite easily now I can barely get going on it without pulling 12 muscles.

Come down to Leatherhead; Swan Shopping Centre next Monday 20th August and 27th August. Bring the little ones too! Like Swan Shopping’s Facebook page here. They have great shops and cafes and lots of brill events.

Evasion Of The Procrastination Equation

I had a rubbish two days of doing hardly anything productive and spending most of my time debating with people in the Youtube comments section. A place that obviously should never be visited.

I’m not saying they are for everyone, but “self-help” books (surely there is a less cringey name for them?) really help me a lot. They get my motivation going which is always a challenge when you have no boss. There are key ideas in these books but when I highlight them and read back only the meaty nuggets, it never strikes me in the same way. I guess the meaty chunks need the gravy and the onions.

My biggest life problem is procrastination and the books below have really helped me deal with this and I really must read them all again. Maybe next week.

Phone and PC apps

I have a big problem with addiction to social media. I had a very successful recent 3 months of no social media. But if you are similar to me, my advice is to delete all those apps from your phone and just have a look on your PC a few times a week.

If you work on your computer a lot, check out the brilliant app on Google Chrome, Waste No Time

You can set a time period that it will block a list of sites that you can add to it or block all apart from those you have added to the allow list.

Also, the awesome phone app, Forest is brilliant. You set the timer going for 30/60 minutes for a tree to grow and if you open your phone it will kill the tree. It’s fun and a great incentive to not look at the phone.

An example of my putting things off lameness is me starting this blog last week after going to a lecture on blogging 4 years ago. I think this is a great success. I could have started it 7 years later. So there!

What are your favourite life coaching books?

Eat That Frog and The One Thing brilliant books to fight procrastination
“Eat That Frog” by Brian Tracy and “The One Thing” by Gary Keller


Brilliant books to supercharge your day
“The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod and “Two Awesome Hours” by Josh Davis

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